Hello, here are some clips of music I've written for documentary content (except "Balloon", which is narrative).

Resurrect Dead

A documentary I made. I composed the trailer music as well.


Scoring this silent film was a chance to tailor music to the action moment-to-moment.

112 Weddings

The opening title and theme to this HBO documentary.

The filmmakers wanted a sparse version of the title theme for this scene, which gets to the heart of the film.

Brilliant Darkness

The opening to this science documentary about disappearing fireflies.

I think of music like this as being "process" music and love writting this type of thing.

A Courtship

This was a documentary about courtship, which is a form of Christian matchmaking.

This scene is about the recent death of a friend and the unwraveling of a relationship via email and chat. The filmmakers wanted dramatic music to help this scene along.

Resurrect Dead

Montage music I wrote to go under a blitz of information in the film.